戸田 陸

子供の時は生魚が苦手でしたが、始めて食べた本格江戸前鮨に感動し、高校卒業後すぐに世界的に有名な鮨職人の小野二郎さんの一番弟子であるミシュラン3つ星「鮨 水谷」水谷八郎氏のの元で本格江戸前寿司の基礎を学びました。(現在「鮨 水谷」は水谷八郎氏の引退により閉店されました)

その後、日本を代表する鮨職人である杉田孝明氏の技術や想いに憧れ、都寿司で従事し、杉田氏の絶大なる信頼のもと2番手として、杉田氏から鮨の技術とおもてなしについて学び、渾身にお店を支えてきました。 (現在お店は移転し、名前を「橘町都寿司」から「日本橋蠣殻町すぎた」に改名しました)

「日本橋蠣殻町すぎた」は移転1年後にはミシュラン東京版で1つ星取得、日本で最も信頼されているグルメサイト「食べログ」ではゴールドを受賞しました。 また戸田の兄弟子にあたる橋本裕幸氏の「鮨はしもと」も予約をとることが難しいことで有名です。杉田氏、橋本氏、戸田は日本のトップシェフや海外のトップシェフとも親交が深く鮨を日夜研究しつづけています。


Sushi Ichizu

Sukhumvit 39, New Petchburi Rd.
Bang Kapi, Huai Khwang, Bangkok, 10310


Sushi Ichizu offers 2 options for our courses—a Nigiri Course for 4,000++ THB and an Omakase Course for 8,000++ THB.

Striving to achieve the perfect culinary and dining experience completed with the best of ingredients, we thus opened only 2 rounds per day (accepting only 9 customers per round) and will start serving all customers simultaneously on time. We open from Tuesday to Sunday (closing on Mondays) with booking reservations opened available at 17.30 for the first round of seatings and 20.30 for the second round of seatings. Arriving to the restaurant later than the designated time will have an effect on the dishes of the other customers. As such, we ask our customers to be duly noted that in the case where customers are late for over 30 minutes, there could be some unavoidable cases where we would have to reduce the number of courses normally served in order to maintain food quality to be standardized among all customers.

Booking on the same day as the actual dining date could only be done by phone call and not via website.

For more information, please contact 065-7389999 Email:

We have a dress policy of smart casual. Men are prohibited of shorts and sandals. Perfume and gel with smell are not allowed due to the fact that the restaurant wants customers to be able to fully enjoy and immerse their five sense in the palette elements of our prepared food and avoid any other disturbances in smell. We accept only customers of age 12 or older due to the fact that the restaurant is unable to prepare special meal selections for children, which would effect the cooking process of the typical omakase set prepared for other customers. We seek to generate a fully-immersive omakase experience for all our customers. As such, we are unable to control small children which may lead to disturbances that may take away this atmosphere.

Cancellation Policy: In the case where the customer(s) cancelled reservations on the day seatings were booked or within 24 hours, the restaurant will have to ask permission to incur full charges equivalent to the price of our Omakase course. This is because our ingredients are prepared specially each day for the reserved customers and will only be used for that particular day. Cancellation would mean prepared ingredients would be of waste since it would not be used to serve to any other customers and thus would be an illogical loss to food resources in the world.